Section 1: Data Collection by is the property of the Fresno-Clovis Prayer Breakfast, a nonprofit organization, registered in California, USA, and subject to the laws and jurisdiction therein. retains within its database information about website visitors, performance, and events. The types of information collected are shown below:

  • Website event types (examples: messages sent via the website, errors, page-not-found events, access denied events, page load times)
  • The date and time of website events
  • The action by which website events occur
  • The IP address of the visitor by which events occur

Section 2: IP Address and Personal Data Storage and Retention

No personal information about public users or visitors to is retained except IP address. IP addresses are retained according to the policies described below.

IP addresses stored by are:

  • To PROTECT against hacking, intrusion, data theft, sabotage, or other attempt to cause material harm or theft to, its subsidiaries, properties, assets, customers, vendors or any other associated party.
  • To MAINTAIN effective and usable website function.
  • To ASSIST in serving visitors with the services and events offered by
  • NOT to be sold, distributed, or otherwise passed to any government or third party except as required by relevant law or jurisdiction.

IP addresses and information retention policies within the database are indicated below:

  • Visitors to who view pages or content do not have their IP address stored.
  • Visitors who submit a message using the “About” page or form do not have their IP address stored.
  • Information provided explicitly by the visitor in form fields is stored with such as name, email address, and message content. does not retain any other record and is unable to verify or report on activity by any IP address or data that has removed. For information on requesting records or stored data from, please see Section 5. Requests for Information below.

Section 3. Data Collection by Google Analytics & Eventbrite Ticket Services

Google Analytics is provided generic visitor information as processed through and provided by Google Analytics. This service utilizes a unique file (commonly called a “cookie”) stored by a visitor’s browser (if the visitor and/or browser allows such storage). This cookie is used by Google to track and identify visits by that user and/or browser to Google, at its discretion, and without communicating with or the visitor, may use the cookie and information related to it for other purposes beyond the scope and responsibility of Additional Google Analytics data handling and information use policies are available by clicking here or by visiting the Google Policies website.

Google Analytics provides generalized information about visitors, including, but not limited to:

  • Approximate geographic location (city, state, & country)
  • New vs. Returning visitor percentage
  • Average time spent and it’s subsidiary pages and/or links
  • General web traffic volume, patterns, and information
  • Generalized information about the visitor population as total percentages of all visitors AND if already provided to Google ( cannot and does not have the ability to collect this information) such as:
    • Language preference
    • Age range
    • Gender does not retain, nor have the ability to collect any of the above information on its own apart from Google Analytics. Nor does any report or information provided by Google Analytics reside on

Eventbrite Ticket Services uses the services of, a ticket sales management service. Eventbrite sales occur on the eventbrite website, and no information regarding the visitor, user, or sale is collected or retained by Please visit for information regarding its policies on privacy and cookies.

Section 4. Data Collection by Website Protection Services utilizes advanced, industry standard, website protection and firewall technology, provided by the website host company. This host retains records related to digital attacks on, and uses this information to better protect from hacking, intrusion, data theft, sabotage, or other attempt to cause material harm or theft to, its subsidiaries, properties, assets, customers, vendors or any other associated party. The information retained by the host company may include IP addresses, geographic information, internet service provider (ISP) information, and attack types or methods, related to specific attacks. itself does not retain or store this information. For more information about the website protection service please see Section 5. Requests for Information below.

Section 5. Requests for Information

Requests for information related to data collected and retained by Google Analytics or Eventbrite Ticket Services, as described in Section 3 of this document, must be directed to Google Analytics, Eventbrite Ticket Services or their appropriate representing party. does not possess or control any user/visitor specific information collected by these services.

If information related to the Website Protection Service or its data collection policies, as described in Section 4, is requested, may require a written statement of reasons for the request and/or verification of validity and authorization to make such a request prior to providing information about the services, methods, and data used to protect from exploitation or attack.

If information related to a specific user and/or visitor is requested, will require verification of validity and authorization to make such a request pertaining to the specific user/visitor. This may include, but is not limited to: requiring a statement of reasons for the request, requiring the specific user/visitor to successfully login to, requiring the date and time information from the user’s last visit/login to, or providing other verification through an agreed upon, trusted third party. Until such verification is complete, is unable to begin the process of responding to specific user/visitor requests. Once such a process begins, will make reasonable efforts to provide the specific user/visitor information within 30 days of beginning the response process. If the date the response begins falls outside the retention windows listed in Section 2, will be unable to provide user/visitor data.

If you have questions about this policy or would like to request information related to the data collected by or the services referenced in this policy, please email

All other inquiries related to this policy, user data privacy, or the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation by may be sent to